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DomeIt website is a resource for doming of labels or decals (adding a 3D effect of a lens to flat labels) and provides information to obtain domed labels.  Everything from supplies to dome your own labels to contacts for companies which will dome your labels.  Domed labels bring flat labels to life as in these pictures.


3D resin doming involves the dispensing of liquid Polyurethane on to a printed die cut nonporous adhesive label or decal to form a dome or lens over the flat label.  The polyurethane is a permanent, non-yellowing, water resistant, clear, no cracking, abrasion resistant dome which beautifies and protects the label or decal.

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Company Profile

Dome-It was started to provide a source for all aspects of doming of labels, key chains, and other items to give them a brighter 3D look.  It offers companies to dome your labels, cartridges of doming resin so you can hand dome your own labels, 10 different doming resins and machinery for low to high production doming. 

The company was started by Jim Hallstrom who has had 35 years in the two part resin business. He brings this experience to the doming process giving you the technology for a successful domed product.

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We would be happy to answer any of your questions.  Please feel free to contact us by any of these means.

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